High quality pet tags with a patriotic edge.

Pet tags are vital tools which help us to recover our lost pets. Each of these engraved pet tags is a portable and easily identifiable form of identification.

These specially made tags proudly display the stars and stripes on one side and up to five lines of information on the other.

Proudly engraved by the disabled for the protection of those who can not protect themselves.

Free Shipping. Pet tags, personalized collars and personalized leashes ship free within the United States and to most other locations.

Owner Information

The first step toward ordering your new pet tags is to complete information about the owner. Unless you request otherwise the address, city, state, zip code, and phone number will be engraved onto most tags.

Your email address is requested in case we need to contact you regarding any problems with your tag. It will not appear on your pet tag.

PHONE:(include area code)
Please enter each pet's name below
Printable Characters

Save 50 cents per tag! If the only information which is changing on each tag is your different pets' names, order up to five tags on the same form and save $.50 each. If you require different wording on each tag (other than the name), different colored tags, or different shapes, then please fill out one form per pet tag at the usual price.

Please enter only your pets' names in this area. Let us know if you have any requests for specific tags in the comments area below.

Please note that you may skip this section if you wish to purchase only embroidered collars or leashes.

#1 Pet's name:
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#5 Pet's name:
Select a shape below.

When selecting a shape for your tag, please take note of which colors are available. You may also wish to consider the width of the tag if either your city or street address is particularly lengthy

Select a finish below.

Select the color of your tag from the list below, keeping in mind that the shape you chose may not be available in all of the listed finishes. Please see the tag's description in step 3 or the information to the right to make sure that the color you want is available.

If the finish that you have requested is unavailable or out of stock then we will attempt to contact you via email.

Choose a Personalized Collar and Leash
Add a peronslized dog collar or leash

Personalized collars and leashes are also available to compliment your new pet tags. Collars and leashes take longer to prepare than tags and will arrive separately.

All personalized collars and leashes are made of durable nylon webbing using a process called sonic welding. This gives a cleaner appearance and is 150% stronger than the old fashioned stitched collars and leashes. The clip buckles are the same used by the manufactures of Coast Guard approved life vests.

Collars are adjustable, so they grow as your puppy grows.

$13.50 each--shipping and handling charges are included!
SAVE on the Collar & Leash Combo! Only $23.50

Personalized dog collars to match your new tags
Printable Characters

Please note that we will embroider each item exactly as it is entered below.

Small 1/2 inch wide Fits necks 8"-12"
Medium 3/4 inch wide Fits necks 14"-20"
Large 1 inch wide Fits necks 22"-28"
These collars are not elasticized cat safety collars
Small 1/2 inch wide 6 feet long
Medium 3/4 inch wide 6 feet long
Large 1 inch wide 6 feet long

Choose size & color Name and/or Phone #

Please be aware that slide-on pet tags are not compatible with these customized collars.

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Comments, Billing and Shipping

Please add any comments or concerns you may have below.

If your billing address, shipping address, or both addresses are different than the address to be engraved on the tags then let us know at this time.

Thank you for your purchase

Please review your order above then press "Place Order Now" to complete your purchase.

Tags and personalized collars are shipped separately. Please allow about 2 weeks for tags and an additional 1-2 weeks for customized collars and leashes.

Show Your Colors

US Flag Dog Tag

Engrave up to five lines of text on one side of the tag and proudly show your stars and stripes on the other. Each line of text can contain between 18-21 characters.

These dog tags are made of high-quality plastic that will cause a minimum amount of disturbance to you and your pets.

The images below represent the shape of each tag and not the exact colors.

American Flag, Bone Shaped
US Flag Dog Tag
Engraved Patriotic Dog Tag
Patriotic American Flag
Bone Shaped
1½" wide and 1" tall.
Line #Characters
Line 121
Line 219
Line 318
Line 419
Line 521
Second Side Unavailable

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